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    Using our site FOR-CMS.COM you can get access to premium templates, modules, plug-ins and components for popular content management systems (CMS) for only 1.99 USD. A wide range of our catalog and absolute automation of the process allow you to get everything you need in a matter of minutes for the correct functioning of your resource.


Why buy modules and plug-ins from us?

Among the many services, we have a number of significant advantages, the main ones being:

  • The largest database of premium templates and extensions!
  • The lowest prices! All premium templates and extensions are all over 1.99 USD!
  • Guaranteed without viruses and hidden links in templates and extensions!
  • You do not need to pay monthly membership fees, etc. in contrast to various wrinkles. Buy and download only the extensions and templates you need!
  • The order is made automatically. The archive with the data for downloading is sent to the mail immediately after payment.
  • Convenient ways of payment through the Free Kassa service.

  Due to the availability of instructions for each extension, their installation and setup will not require special deep knowledge or extensive experience.


Benefits of paid extensions and templates:

  Many novice webmasters download the necessary extensions and templates from free access, placing on their site not only hidden links and advertising codes, but also viruses. Due to these factors, it is possible not only to decrease the positions in the issuance, but also to block the site from hosting or search engines.

  We offer exceptionally reliable materials. All of them are tested by leading modern antiviruses, which ensures the highest level of protection for guests and customers of the store.

  To place an order, click on the appropriate button and specify the work email that you have access to.






Most Popular Systems


On our site, more than 6,000 premium templates and extensions for the most popular CMS are collected.







Why us?



The largest base

We have compiled the largest database of premium templates and extensions for popular CMS such as Joomla, WordPress, Opencart and others!


Without hidden links

We guarantee the absence of hidden links and backdoors. Only original files directly from the developers!


Without reference

No bindings to domains! All templates and extensions can be installed on any number of domains and sites.


Low price

Only we have all the premium templates and extensions at such low prices! You can see for yourself. The archive comes to Email immediately after purchase.


Гарантии и преимущества каталога FOR-CMS.COM





Мы даем гарантию отсутствия скрытых ссылок, вирусов, шеллов и бэкдоров в шаблонах и расширениях представленных в нашем каталоге. Гарантия 100% или мы вернём деньги!

Без привязки к доменам!


Ни какой привязки к доменам! Все шаблоны и расширения можно устанавливать на любое количество доменов и сайтов!

Самые низкие цены!


Только у нас Вы получаете возможность скачать премиум шаблоны и расширения по такой низкой цене(от 99р)! Дешевле только в свободном доступе со скрытыми ссылками и вирусами!



Все расширения и шаблоны нашего каталога проверены на работоспособность квалифицированными специалистами!

Быстрое скачивание!


Никаких бесплатных файлообменников с кучей назойливой рекламы. Только быстрое скачивание на скорости в 100 Mbps. 

Простая покупка!


Простое оформление заказав несколько кликов. Удобная оплата. Архив с данными приходит на Email сразу после оплаты!



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  • Without viruses and hidden links!
  • Without binding to domains!
  • It is checked up on working capacity!
  • The lowest prices!
  • 24/7 Support