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  Many webmasters for free download premium templates and extensions from various kinds of popular sites do not even think that they can find well-hidden referenced spam, backdoors and trojans. The presence of these factors contributes to the reduction of positions and sanctions from search engines, and often leads to the blocking of the site by host, and also cases of theft of the client base and the base of orders are known.


Top 5 "dirty" sites runet

URLТИЦCMSDescription                                                          Яндекс цитирования                           JoomlaThe most "dirty" thematic site in RuNet. In each of the archives are hidden from 4 to 8 hidden and cunningly coded links to external sites. As a rule, links do not appear immediately, but after 20-100 views of the material. Also, "garbage" is built into * .js and * .css files.            Яндекс цитирования



Belongs to the same owner as The same "dirty" archives, only on another site + premium themes for wordpress.
wp-templates.ruЯндекс цитирования Wordpress    One of the most popular sites for Wordpress uses templates as a reference site for its purposes.  Яндекс цитированияJoomla         Also a very famous site among fans to download free templates with hidden links
joomfans.comЯндекс цитированияJoomla         A very popular site for dumlaimers. All templates, components and modules are "crammed" with hidden links. Be careful.


Important information

But you must understand that this is only a small drop in the sea. A huge number of less popular sites create much more total harm than the above mastodons of black link trade. We conducted a detailed study of the situation in RuNet and we could not find any! a thematic site that would not insert hidden links or other malicious code into premium templates and extensions.

  If you have already downloaded any premium material for free from any site on the Runet, then with 99% probability you can say that it had hidden links


2 reasons to remove the "dirty" template or extension

Reason 1: Search engines clearly classify all hidden links on the site as search spam. Yandex in October 2010 clearly spoke about this in his blog. Google fully shares the opinion of Yandex. The presence on the site of such a surprise leads:

- To increase the chances of getting under the AGS filter and to observe in the search index not more than a dozen pages with very low total attendance of the resource
- To increase the chances of getting into BAN search engines and lose all potential users and buyers
- To reduce the chances of getting to high positions in search results

Reason 2: A great opportunity to find and install a template of a newer version, with new features or with corrections of previous errors (In free access, current versions of templates very rarely appear, if at all)


About self-search for hidden links

  Sometimes even the most experienced webmaster with great effort can find hidden from the user's eyes links and text. Technologies of concealment do not stand still and at the moment they have reached a sufficiently high level of development. We strongly recommend that you abandon the idea of self-searching and removing hidden links, unless you are certainly a connoisseur of programming languages. There is a high probability that not everything will be deleted or something may appear
with time.


Alternative - FOR-CMS.COM

  Why us? We guarantee the absence of hidden links and backdoors in the templates and extensions presented in our catalog. 100% guarantee or we will refund the money!




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