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Yandex Money and charts for OpenCart

The module allows to accept the translations from charts of VISA, MasterCard, Maestro of any bank of the world.
Manufacturer: Opencart CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Yandex Money and Cash cards for OpenCart

the Payment method by method - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, to Yandex Money

the Module gives the chance to organize the translation from various cash cards (type VISA, MasterCard, Maestro) or any third-party bank about the whole world. What to do if your buyer (and such much) has no account Yandex with the active payment Yandex service money? There are no problems! From the cash card people I will be able to pay goods in we wave shop. The sum of the commissions you will be able specify on reference on the website Yandex.Money (There is opportunity in options to establish any % for payment of the commission, but already at the expense of the buyer).

the main feature of this payment direction that you will not need to sign contracts and becomes Ltd company or SP to accept cash cards and Yandex money on your website.

Procedure of connection:
1) you Create purse "Yandex money" having registered there and having created the mail or having authorized in available of
2) you Write down number of the received account in parameters of the
3 module) you Adjust notices having followed the link

does not demand any licenses, expansion has completely open source code, and has also no third-party references.

Features of the payment module on reception of Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Yandex Money for Opencart:

  • Return of the status and the notice from Yandex on payment zversheniya in automatic mode;
  • you will be able to edit heading of this method of payment;
  • Payment in one window on the website;
  • Use for the organization of sale of digital goods
  • Enciphering of confidential phrase for notices, both in the administrator of the panel and in the database;
  • Opportunity to set the commission for the buyer;
  • Addition of the text in line the comment for further actions in the letter on successful payment of HTML of te by support;
  • Sending references again;
  • the letter automatically to both the buyer and the administrator Goes at once;
  • Commission of advance payment from order value or the fixed cost;
  • Viewing of successful payments in the control panel; whether
  • the Order is created by
  • regardless of that the buyer has managed to finish the order or not;
  • Payment from private office;
  • Getting a link to payment in the letter;
  • of Use of the instruction for payment at execution of the order;
  • of Use of the instruction for payment in the letter on the order;
  • the Notification of the administrator of shop when receiving payment;
  • the Possibility of task of the maximum order value at which the method will not be removed by
  • ;
  • the Notification of the buyer when receiving payment of magazinom payment from the control panel;
  • On the page of successful payment if the payment has already arrived text conclusion about successful payment;
  • to Change
  • the text on the page of successful payment;
  • to Add the Pay Then button at execution of the order;
  • to Change
  • the text on the page of the expected payment;
  • of Vozsozhnost of automatic converting in rubles at the rate from your shop of any currency;


of VQMOD it is not obligatory, but adds feature for payment from private office, sending the reference to payment from the administrator of the panel and viewing of successful payments in the administrator of the panel of shop.

Installation of the module
1) to Install to

the module through "The fitter of modules"
2) In versions to press "to update", to install the module in modules of payment (any of two or all two)
3) In options to enter your account number into Yandex money.
4) On the website яденег to adjust notices of
5) to Enter the confidential word
6) to Establish the statuses of orders
7) to Establish the status it is included

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