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Articles Anywhere PRO v6.1.0 - conclusion of articles anywhere

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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Articles Anywhere PRO v6.1.0

Allows to place articles everywhere where you can enter the text.

<tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Articles Anywhere PRO is premium plug-in which allows to output articles anywhere on your website. Thus, you can place articles in modules or in other components or anywhere.
{article My Article}[title] - [introtext] { / article }
you can place articles by means of syntax:

  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Using article heading: {article Some article}...{ / article }
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Use of pseudonym of article: {article some-article}...{ / article }
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Using the module identifier: {article 123}. . { / article }

<tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> In these syntaxes you can place various tags for seating of various data / details of goods:

  • of [layout] (all article)
  • [text] (all text: introtext + fulltext)
  • [readmore] (additional reference)
  • [url] (reference to article)
  • [link]... [/link] (tags to add the reference to article to something)
  • [introtext]
  • [fulltext] text part under the Read Further panel
  • [id]
  • [title]
  • [image...] (various images attached to article or found in the text of article)
  • [has_access] <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> (the true/false value based on whether the visitor has access to article).

Or any other available data (have to coincide with column name in the database)

At display of the text (all text, the short description or the full text) you can also make

<"> tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru" so that in the tag only the certain quantity of symbols was displayed:

<tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">
[text limit= "100"] (shows the first 100 symbols from all text) </>
When is displayed by br the additional reference, you can also cancel the standard text "In more detail...":

[readmore text= "Read Further"]

In Anywhere Anywhere is also the editor's button to simplify insert of these tags.

<tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Possibilities of PRO of the version

<tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> All functions are available to in the free version and also:

  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Tag of several articles <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use the special tag of articles for conclusion of series of articles (supports only the main articles of Joomla)
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> to Show articles on categories <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use the tag of special articles for conclusion of articles from one or several certain categories
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> to Show articles according to tags <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use the tag of special articles for conclusion of articles having one or several certain tags
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Podstanovochny signs <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use the podstanovochny sign * to correspond to part of names of articles, categories or tags
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Images <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use tags of given [image] for seating of the images attached or found in article.
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Tags <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Use the tag of given [tags] for conclusion of the tags attached to article
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> to Change the reference <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. To show the reference for editing for the registered users having the correct permissions.
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> the Adjusted fields <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Place any adjusted field (function, added to Joomla 3.7) attached to article
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> Expanded control of safety <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. To disconnect possibility of use of tags by the chosen levels of groups of users and components
  • <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru""> is Supported by K2 <tabindex= "-1 span lang= "ru"">. Possibility of conclusion of K2 elements
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