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Cache Cleaner v6.0.2 PRO

With Cache Cleaner PRO you can clean cache having quickly and easily clicked the link in the panel of the Joomla administrator
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

With the Cache Cleaner PRO expansion you can clean with Cache Cleaner PRO v6.0.2

cache having quickly and easily clicked the link in the panel of the Joomla administrator!.

Not only it, it also gives the chance to clean outdated cache, to do global registration of arrival, to clean the Temp folder, empty folders created by the user and databases, tables... all this in 1 cliques!
In case want to clean cache, you do not need to pass into the section Joomla any more! - Sayt-Ochistka cache, it is required to spend time for it and to do excess cliques.

of Cache Cleaner PRO from the NoNumber company (new the names Regular Labs) installs to version 6.0.2 the button in the right top corner of the panel of the Joomla administrator, you need to press only it once to clean cache.
settings of automatic cleaning Are available.
Cleaner cache can clean cache automatically when saving article or other element. And it can clean your cache in the set intervals too.
So there are more any kliketi-cliques to reach Joomla system core! The dispatcher of cache is also not present any more manually having removed unnecessary files.

of Feature :

All functions are available to

in the free version, plus:

  • of to Clean cache at preservation
  • with
  • to Clean cache every time, when you to keep/apply article or other element in administrator
  • to Clean cache in the set interval
  • to Clean cache in interval (many seconds)
  • Global Registration
  • 1 the choice of global Registration of all taken objects
  • Empty user folders
  • the Possibility of cleaning of the user folders
  • Empty user tables of the database
  • the Possibility of cleaning the user tables of the database
  • to Clean with
  • jre cache < / span>
  • Supports by
  • cleaning 3rd expansions of cache jre
  • to Clean JotCache
  • Supports cleaning 3rd the JotCache expansions
  • to Clean KeyCDN cache
  • Supports cleaning of cache of cdn from KeyCDN
  • to Clean maxcdn cache
  • Supports cleaning of cache of cdn from maxcdn
  • to Clean SiteGround dynamic cache
  • the dynamic cache
  • of Installation on unlimited number of domains Supports SiteGround < span class= "translation-chunk">. You can install the extension on any domain which you want. Any restrictions. Nobody checks the domain.
  • Open source code . The code is open (GPL), that is open form of enciphering of code. Zend Guard or the software of ioncube is not used.
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