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Cookies Notification Bar PRO - the notice of Cookie in Joomla

the gear of informing visitors how you use cookie files on the website Provides.
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Cookies Notification Bar v3.1.7

Notifies that your website on Joomla uses Cookie, and still allows to switch on and off cookies to the visitor.

the Fine and functional decision which will allow you to observe the legislation of the EU especially if your website is directed to br by

to audience of the European Union or you want to show that you observe the legislation also other countries. In this case the plug-in will allow to uvedoit about existence of preservation and application of Cookie on your website under control of Joomla!

the Plug-in which provides the gear for informing your visitors on how you use cookies on the website in elegant manner. It includes set of functions and parameters (sympathetic, multilingual, cookies files, style of change, etc.).

Main characteristics of plug-in of the version of PRO:

  • Multilingual support (best function).
  • to Block cookie files (cookie files are disconnected until the User presses the Accept Policy of Cookies button).
  • Position (from above, from below).
  • Duration (Message duration (in seconds). After this time the panel of notices will disappear).
  • animation Duration (Duration of animation will be carried out (in milliseconds). By default 2000.).
  • the Limit (the limit of number of times, the panel of notices, will be displayed if the visitor does not press the button).
  • the Message (The message in the panel of notices, editing is authorized to HTML).
  • Colour of font (color of font. Example: #fff or # ff0000 or green, etc.).
  • Colour of the reference (Color of font. Example: #ccc or # f2f2f9 or red, blue, black, etc.).
  • Font size (font size - by default - 13 pixels).
  • Background opacity (background opacity of the panel of notices).
  • Colour of background (color of background. Example: #000).
  • the User CSS (enter the own css code).
  • to Engage or exclude plug-in from pages (choose pages which the plug-in will load or will not load).
  • Instruments of debugging (display and cleaning of cookie files).
  • the Possibility of input in several languages of the text about use cookies, including Russian
Provides to

the gear of informing visitors how you use cookie files on the website.

Pay attention! The key is not provided for Download ID!

the Plug-in includes various properties and parameters. which you can adjust in the admin panel. For example, the adaptability, mnogoyazychnost, the notice conclusion block and also is opportunity to change style to the. It was tested on different the version, including Joomla 3.7.4!

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