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HWD Flowplayer content - Joomla videoplayer

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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HWD Flowplayer content plugin v2.0.5

of HWD Flowplayer content plugin is unique plug-in for yours the websites made on Joomla 3 which is the multiple-purpose video player.

by means of the HWD Flowplayer content plugin expansion you will be able easily to publish videos on your website and to be sure that it will be reproduced in all browsers and on any devices of your users. This expansion uses videoplayer from Flowplayer and is one of the most popular videoplayers on the websites CMS Joomla.

the Videoplayer has no excess control centers, is displayed in the form of pure and minimalistic design and approaches all websites of any subjects.

you will become happy

after installation of this expansion …

of Timeless Design Flowplayer - the design is simple and minimalist. The player will look good also on your website as it looks on the websites of developers.

Configuration of Fluid - the stream player is only and completely sympathetic in the market.


of 98% of browsers it is supported - 98% of the audience will be able to see all charm of player to support Flow.

Plagin of HWD Flowplayer for Joomla is autonomous expansion which integrates Flowplayer into Joomla. Flowplayer is sympathetic, HTML5 compatible videoplayer, and Joomla plug-in allows to insert player into the article Joomla and also any other content in Joomla which supports content plug-ins.

HWD Flowplayer content plugin

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