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JCH Optimize PRO v5.1.2 for Joomla 3

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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JCH Optimize PRO of version 5.1.2 - speedup of the website on Joomla 3

the Speed of your Joomla! the website in your hands. With JCH Optimize Pro 5.0.5 you will be able instantly to adjust all loadings from your website. This plug-in unites in itself external JavaScript and CSS files in one to minimize big inquiries of HTTP. These files can be minimized and compressed for reduction of capacity and further optimization of time of loading. Typical results after plug-in and its settings являютя optimum parameters for your website, for example 6-10 points of loading by results of Page Speed are optimum. It leads to increase in loyalty of users and traffic and Google rating can favorably influence the website.

the Full purchased version of one of the most popular plug-ins for speedup of Joomla of the latests version. Squeezes and unites .css and .js files, and also some types of images, turning them into quickly loaded sprayta. Asynchronous loading of Java of scripts and additional opportunities for compression and speedup of loading of pages


the loading Identifier is also provided in the full version - it is not required to enter. It is not provided. Plug-in completely in Russian. Does not demand any licenses and has no hidden references.
the Main characteristics

- to Unite JavaScript/CSS files in one
- to Unite background images in
Sprite - to Minimize (to Squeeze) and GZIP aggregated files

- to Exclude separate files or files with expansions which are not optimized correctly - It is possible to postpone Javascript or to place at the end of the page for loading optimization

jsh optimizer pro 5.0.3

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