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Jomsocial - K2 integration

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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of Jomsocial - K2 Integration v3.2.1. Full integration of K2 with JomSocial

Plagin, kotoryyintegrirut K2 and JomSocial of the reference, avatar and other useful information.

& nbsp;

of JomSocial - the plug-in of integration of K2 which synchronizes K2 and JomSocial of users replaces all references users/avatars/data in page K2 from darkness of Jomsocial and inserts its activity into activity Jomsocial stream when some K2 element is created or updated.

It is compatible to K2 2.6.x and Jomsocial 3.x/4.x! Has no restrictions on number of domains!

Jomsocial integration of K2

That the plug-in or all features is able:

Complete control over all actions

  • to Replace with
    • the reference to the user in representation of categories
    • to Replace the reference to the user/avatars/description/website
    • Point - to Replace
    • the Author - to Replace the reference to user/avatar in comments
    • of Activity Stream Integration - to Add activity to stream when the K2 element
    • is created by
    • to Add activity to stream when the K2 element is updated
    • to Show element
    • the Introduction in activity stream
    • Control
    • the Limit of words for conclusion in stream
    • to Show to
    • image element in activity stream
    • Integration of users - Synchronizes K2 and JomSocial of users
    • of Vybor group of users of K2 for registration of users of JomSocial

    With its help all references of users, avatars and the added materials will be integrated and closely interconnected between these two components. And in this expansion the tape of activity updated in JomSocial at addition of any material in K2 is provided. Developers have provided possibility of setting up the film of activity and editing avatars, references of users and other information at any moment. Jomsocial expansion functioning - K2 Integration is stable in all browsers and on any devices.

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