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K2 to content migration - migration plug-in

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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K2 to com content migration v1.0.4

Plagin of migration of content with K2 in materials of Joomla

& nbsp;

This plug-in will help you to transfer all content from the K2 component to standard Joomla component of the materials com_content. All types of data are supported, it is very flexible and easy in settings.

of JA K2 to com content migration the plug-in represents Joomla Premium expansion for transfer of content from K2 in Joomla com_content on one breath. Before installation unpack archive!

It can convert all K2 elements:

  • K2 of category
  • K2 materials
  • K2 additional groups of fields
  • K2 additional fields
  • tag
  • K2.

Additional fields. you can rename them in case of need. Each additional field of group at transformation to com_content will be new type of content, you can add new elements for any type of content. Transfer all elements of content K2.

the Possibility of transformation of additional fields to rename additional fields. Each additional group of fields becomes new type of content in com_content filter elements on the basis of content types. Addition of new elements for content type. Re-transformations of content for new K2 of category, objects, additional fields.

Expansion supports

only Joomla 3.

to Transform all data for once. All you need to do is, it to establish JA K2 to com content migration and JA Content like plug-in. Then pass to contents & gt; The dispatcher articles also press the button the Convert K2 to Contents button, and all contents of K2 will it is transferred to Joomla com_content

Transfer all elements of content. K2 the Plug-in allows to transfer all elements of content from com_content K2: K2 of category, K2 Items, K2 additional groups of fields, K2 additional fields, tag K2.

the Configured Category K2. In settings of toolbar, choose the Car for categories to import and ignore categories which do not need to be imported.

the Adjusted additional fields. In the same way with categories, you can choose what additional groups of the field, additional fields which will be imported and what of them should not be imported

New types of content. For each group of additional fields, when transforming to com_content, its type of content with the relevant articles will be transformed from K2, and you can filter articles on the basis of content types (that "the additional field of group in K2" is called)

Addition of new elements in any type of content. you can add new elements for any type of content, press the Add button, then choose contents type. Each type of content contains the additional fields transformed from K2.

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