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KL Admin Skin - the look the administrator. panels

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

KL Admin Skin - the type of the Joomla admin panel

It is made for your website intelligently!


the Ideal decision for work individualization, created without any complexity from kreativelizard studio

the Plug-in of KL Admin Skin is intended by

for designers and developers who want to give to the clients more personalized and unique Joomla even in the administrator's panel.

the panel in Joomla at discretion allows to adjust

of KL Admin Skin . Steering of backgrounds and headings, replacing colors, inserting gradients and images, providing to your client the best and unique type of their new website.

It is known that installation of Joomla in off-line mode will prevent testing as the guest user because you have to log in to see the website interface.

Rebranding of your website within minute. Saving of time by means of the simplified control.

Main characteristics:

  • Simple and flexible. KL Admin Skin allows you to create and adjust administrative area. To completely control appearance.
  • Option Offline Overrider. Create the confidential keyword and pass as the guest user while your website still is in off-line mode.
  • the set of options Is available to
  • . The user images, logos and styles for the screen of authorization, heading of the administrator, the lower headline and background, you can even insert the user messages.
  • Prompt reply. Bonus plug-in which is added by Quick Icon in your Control panel providing faster access to plug-in of KL Admin Skin
  • does not need to be introduced in code khaki. Control by means of KL Admin Skin plugin eliminates need of developers and webmasters to crack Joomla and to modify files of core.
  • That if you administer several websites? Backup tools and restoration allow to export easily the KL Admin Skin settings from one website for another, thereby you can develop the design for the studio and introduce appearance on each website.
  • to
  • It is directed to usability and productivity. For simple and intuitive use.
  • by
  • Choose one of more than 800 Google of fonts. Easy and individual way of addition of the user fonts of Google without coding.
  • Russian and many others
  • the Possibility of use without licenses and bindings to domain name. Unlimited

That you receive all additions for the tariff AS Advanced:

  1. Plagin for Joomla 2.5 - v.1.1 and for Joomla 3.x - v3.5.0
  2. the Package of languages. Including russification plug-in
  3. to
  4. of kl adminskin quickicon bonus plug-in of fast icons

It is obligatory for PHP 5.6 +, cURL, mbstring.

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