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Modals PRO v9.5.0

The plug-in creating pop-up windows in joomla from RegularLabs
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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The modality - is expansion in the form of Joomla plug-in to help you to create convenient modal emerging windows!

you can make by

set of modal pop-up windows for texts, articles, other internal pages, materials, external images, video, gallery, and everywhere where you want.

Modal pop-up windows it is windows of your imagination effects are also known as the lightbox. Complete control. The plug-in of modality is packed with steering options modal pop-up windows. Full Controll over modeling (for laying and CSS) to Determine the sizes by some options and to Create image of pop-up windows quickly and to easily Make galleries and slideshow automatically, to Make pop-up windows open only on PageLoad I many other...

the Main opportunities of plug-in are already called

of Feature of Modals Pro , but there is set of features about which it is possible to tell.

  • you will be able to adjust style and the size of pop-up windows through CSS.
  • you will be able to create galleries and slideshow in automatic mode.
  • by
  • For steering of content through plug-in of Modals modal tags, addresses of references, type of files or regular expressions can be used.

& nbsp;

Can tell

that creation of pop-up windows can be carried out by set of different modes that does the Modals expansion multiple-purpose. At this slideshow or photo of gallery, displayed with its help, look quite attractively and professionally. And the counter in itself with pop-up window in which the text, photo is shown or video, for certain will be pleasant to users of your website.

  Updating - the Latest version  Modals PRO v9.5.0:   
  ^ Improves position of close button when there is a scroll bar (bootstrap styling)  
  ^ Improves styling of the different colorbox styles  
  # Fixes issue with description overlapping content area  
  # Fixes issue with incorrect (re) sizing of the modals  
  # Fixes issue with scrollbar not showing with some styles  

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