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Sliders PRO v7.0.8

RegularlLabs Sliders 7.0.8 PRO can make content slides anywhere in Joomla!
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

From Sliders you can make by RegularLabs Sliders v7.0.8 PRO

content slides anywhere in Joomla!

you can use the editor's button to insert example of the block of slides. Just use similar синтакс, for example:
{ slider Heading of slide 1 }
Contents of the first slide...
{ slider Heading of slide 2 }
Contents of the second slide...
{ / sliders }

to make references to certain slides on your page, you can make so:
{ sliderlink Heading of slide 2 } the Text of the reference { / sliderlink }
to add additional class to slide, you can make so: { slider Heading of slide 1 | myclass }
the stylesheet of Sliders has already included classes for blue, green and gray color scale.

of the Sliders Expansion PHP 5.3.13+


of Feature of PRO of the version

All functions which available in the free version, plus:

  • the Opportunity Mode Hover
    • to make romper suit open at guidance of the mouse pointer on heading slider.
  • Set of slides/speed
    Establish to
  • by
    • the speed of the toddler and disappearing effects.
  • Allocate to
  • active
    • to Make scrolling of the browser for the active toddler or set of slider.
  • by
  • Offset
    • to Make the slide browser for the set number of pixels is higher or lower than the toddler or the toddler of set.
  • Use of cookies
    • you Store the active slider in cookies so it remains open when the visitor comes back to the page.
  • Installation on several domains (without restrictions)
    • you can install the extension on what any domain you want. There are no restrictions. There is no domain check.
  • the Open source code
    • the Code is open (GPL), it means that there are no forms of enciphering of code. There is no use of Zend Guard or IonCube.
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