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SMS Notification for RSForm! PRO

SMS Notification for RSForm! . SMS Notification Plugin 1.51.6
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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SMS Notification for RSForm! PRO

of SMS Notification Plugin 1.51.6

It is important: Works only in RSForm Pro <href= "products/rsform-pro"> component - the SMS the Notice.

Plagin is commercial. It is acquired separately from RSJoomla, without license code. We will show in this article to you how to adjust the SMS of the notice plug-in.

the Plug-in SMS Notification will allow you to send the text message to phone number when one of your forms it is filled and sent you.

Here some the basic principles for each SMS provider.

Service SMS of the notice:


  • <href= "" target=" _ blank"> of Clockwork
  • of Clockwork API key: can you receive the Clockwork API key by creation or entrance to the account API here .

  • of Twilio
  • In the SID account: you can create SIDs the application from your account on the portal, for more information you can find authentication token in the control panel registration records .
  • of Twilio Account Token: you can find the Auth Token in the account dashboard, click on the dots to reveal your token


  • <href= "" target=" _ blank"> of SMS Global SMS
  • of Global SMS Global User: enter user name into SMS Global;
  • of SMS Global Password: enter the password of SMS Global;

& nbsp;

& nbsp;


  • <href= "" target=" _ blank"> of Clickatell
  • User name: enter your user name of Clickatell;
  • of Clickatell Password: enter the password of Clickatell;
  • the ID API interface will be provided by
  • of Clickatell API ID: to you after registration on the website;
  • For more information visit documentation on API.


  • of <href= "" target=" _ blank"> Nexmo
  • of Nexmo Key: after creation of the account you will find the key located under API Setting in toolbar Nexmo;
  • of Nexmo secret: you will find nexmo secret in the same place, as key, according to API Settings in toolbar Nexmo.
  • to Use SSL: Yes/no - to Use the protected joint


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