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Sourcerer PRO v7.1.4

Regularlabs Sourcerer Pro v7.1.4 allows to place PHP and any kind of code and HTML style (including CSS and JavaScript) directly in your content of joomla
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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Regularlabs Sourcerer Pro v7.1.4

of Sourcerer from studio of regularlabs allows to place of PHP and any kind of code and HTML style (including CSS and JavaScript) directly in your content! Not only in your articles, but also in sections, category, modules, components, META - tags, etc.

Now you can just place the original codes directly in the editor of WYSIWYG. The only thing that you need to make, it to surround code with tags of Sourcerer. It is very simple!

So now you can use PHP scripts in contents. It opens many opportunities.

Majority of Joomla! Text editors will automatically delete parts of your HTML of code as JavaScripts (statistiky scenarios) and to build in part of tags. With Sourcerer you will not have these restrictions.

Plagin Sourcerer processes all the tags in code of your website.

you can insert any html, javascript, css and php code (including own tags of these languages) between tags of Sourcerer:
of {source} your code { / source }

of Sourcerer reads out all code between the tags and separates it from HTML marking of the page. So tsvetovydelny the code, etc. does not influence website code.
If you want to use the Sourcerer code somewhere else, except the built-in editor (for example, in ReReplacer plug-in), then probably you do not want that HTML code has been removed. For this purpose you can use the following syntax:
your {s ource 0} not - HTML code { / source }

Features of PRO

All functions available in the free version, plus:

  • to Use the user example of the
    • the Possibility of change of example by default in the Editor of the Sourcerer code
  • Expanded security settings
    • Opportunity to install safety levels on articles, components and other levels
  • Allows to establish on several
    • you can install the extension on what any domain you want. There are no restrictions. There is no domain check.
  • the Open source code
    • the Code is open (GPL), it means that there are no forms of enciphering of code. There is no Zend Guard or IonCube.

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