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Spend Points To Read v1.1

Spend Points To Read v1.1
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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Spend Points To Read plugin for Joomla v1.1

Ask users to spend points from AltaUserPoints, EasySocial or Jomsocial to read the articles Joomla, K2 or EasyBlog, or to redirect on the page if the number of points is insufficiently high. This action will be ignored for materials without heading. You can choose categories to include plug-in and redirection of the URL address if they have not enough points.

the Spend Points To Read Expansion for Joomla 3.6 gives to

the chance to organize the system of access to content for points. Important feature It should be noted that material does not belong to category, rules of plug-in are ignored. The basic rules of access are established automatically. The plug-in of Spend Points To Read is installed as the usual Joomla expansion and easily integrated not only with the components K2, EasyBlog creating blogs of materials but also with social networks on the EasySocial or JomSocial platform.

spend point storead

Interface languages: English and French.

In archive except plug-in, to addition the component (it though free, but not all can load it from the website AltaUserPoints)

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