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Tabs Pro v7.0.9

Tabs Pro v7.0.7 from the Nonumber (regularlabs) company will help to make content of tab in any place of the website Joomla!
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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RegularLabs Tabs Pro v7.0.9

by means of tabs Tabs Pro v7.0.9 from the Nonumber company (and now called of regularlabs ) you can make content tabs in any place the website Joomla !

the Syntax simply looks as :

{ tab tab 1 }
your text. .
{ tab tab 2 }
your text. .
{ / of tabs }

to make references on defined tabs in your page , you can use tab references .
And it is a lot more interesting functions .
of Feature of the version of PRO:
All functions are available to in the free version, plus:
  • of Positioning of handles . Opportunity to show the handles tabs at the left, on the right or from below too.
  • targeting Mode. Ability to accept opened tabs when aiming mouse at slide Heading.
  • Allocate
  • active таб. to Accept scrollings the browser for active tab.
  • Allocate to
  • offset . To make the browser the slide for certain number of pixels is higher or lower than the toddler or to establish slider.
  • of Altenate mobile look. Switches by tabs in the list width of screens are put navigation for mobile.
  • Use of cookies . We conduct active tab in cookies therefore it remains open when the visitor comes back to the page.
  • slideshow Mode . To make open tabs, in turn, from the interval determined by the user
  • the Code is open (GPL), that is the form of enciphering of code is not coded. Zend Guard or program providing ioncube is not used.
  • is Included by compatibility with Joomla 3.5 and php7
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