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The asynchronous loader of styles for Joomla

The asynchronous loader of styles for Joomla 3.x and 2.5.x - CSS Async Loader
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CSS Async Loader - the asynchronous loader of styles for Joomla! 3.x and 2.5.x

the Huge amount of third-party styles and the powerful CSS files can depress page time considerably. Speed of your website not only matters for good and pleasant use of it of guests, but also influences the rating of delivery in search engines. To prmiyer as tells us извес tny search the robot of Google: "the m the edlenny speed of loading of pages can negatively affect SEO ". Such addition for your website, as "The asynchronous CSS loader for Joomla! 3.x/2.5.x" will allow you to load CSS asynchronously that the browser of the user did not stop drawing of the page at the time of loading of styles.

Parameters of plug-in and recommendation about use: always load the Styles which are responsible for drawing of "framework" of your website ( of position of basic elements, spaces, representation of the main sections ) in the usual mode for avoidance of effect of FOUC (flash of unstyled content — mngnovenny emergence of not stylized content). This effect arises for the reason that the page is drawn before use of the styles loaded asynchronously. For prevention of effect of FOUC it is recommended to mark out the most important styles and to place them in the separate CSS file which needs to be loaded in the usual mode (and it is even better to build in basic styles directly HTML code). Loading of all other, less important styles which are not participating in representation of the main sections is recommended to be postponed and loaded asynchronously for increase in productivity and increase in speed of loading of the page.

to you will need to specify by

For the correct work of plug-in in options the CSS files which need to be loaded asynchronously. In spite of the fact that the plug-in works at JavaScript, all styles will be loaded in browsers with the switched-off JavaScript on the usual mode.

Control of CSS Async Loader : Open the page of options of plug-in. Choose expansion mode of behavior then conduct URL of CSS styles which will need to be loaded asynchronously or to exclude from asynchronous loading.

the plug-in is included by

For example on one of the websites, on another is switched off. You can pass to these pages or open them in service of audit of the websites Google Page Speed Insights to look at results of check of each of examples. Pay attention to information in the section of optimization of scripts and styles, and you will see that on the page with the included plug-in CSS files do not block drawing of the page. At the switched-off plug-in drawing of the page is blocked by all external CSS styles. Д

page Double at the included plug-in:

  • to Open in Google Page Speed Insights

page Double at the switched-off plug-in:

  • to Open

For exact compliances of URL enter the CSS file address specified in the source code of your template into Google Page Speed Insights (without quotes), for example: — in case of the absolute link of css/general. css — in case of the relative link

For group compliances enter certain subline. For example, if you specify the subline style.css , then it will correspond to the style.css file and the my-style.css file. At input of name of certain directory, for example / css/, all CSS styles located in this directory will coincide with this condition.

you can also enter external references, for example the subline will coincide with all Google Fonts fonts, and the subline family=Open+Sans will coincide only with certain family (in this case Open Sans). To add/exclude CSS If is chosen to add, then the styles provided in the field below will be involved in asynchronous loading. If is chosen to exclude, then all CSS styles, except for specified, will be asynchronously loaded. Global exceptions of the Exception of components, their representations and separate materials of asynchronous loading of CSS. If the entered parameters coincide with the global Joomla variables!, all CSS styles will be loaded in the usual mode. Parameters are divided the ampersand is familiar (& amp;), values of parameters are defined by the sign equally (=), group of parameters and their values are divided among themselves by commas. As values of parameters it is admissible to use type masks (x |y| z).

Examples: Exception of modal windows: tmpl=component the editor's Exception to the front-ende: view=form Exception of menu items: Itemid= (13 |25| 77) Component exception completely: option=com_users Exception of representations of component: option=com_content& view=category, option=com_content& view=category& layout=blog Exception of separate materials: option=com_content& view=article& id= (10 |101| 3)

the Mode of debugging is available. Check time of performance of PHP script of this plug-in. You can remove result in the JavaScript extension housing or if JavaScript is disconnected, in the top part of the page. In the latter case do not forget to disconnect your website for the period of debugging.

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