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Admixture of phrases in title for Joomshopping

Tags & lt; title> at each page of goods will have unique heading now
Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 199.00 Руб.
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Tags of headings & lt; title> at each page of goods are important as much as possible for optimization of the website for search robots (especially popular from which there is mass buyer of Google and Yandex).

In sasy ideal, each page on the website has to be unique as well as heading. In principle, Joomshopping provides for this purpose all Seo tools, but if that that not so with these meta tags will help you the Joomshopping Bio expansion. And we can just register handles & lt metadata; title> & lt; description> and & lt; keywords> for each category and each goods. If we leave this field empty, Joomshopping substitutes in & lt; title> heading name of product. It turns out very short тайтл without keywords. For example, in shop N - "Columns art.43Omgk Audio".

And if goods large number? Also they are unloaded/are updated automatically? For example through complex import of goods.

to It is presented expansion from beagler - Plagin of admixture of taytl of goods for Joomshopping.

has no restrictions for the number of domains, licenses and has open source code. It is unique!

About WORK of the PLUG-IN

the Developer has made the decision to use such logic of work:

we Leave description of goods in heading and it will unikalizirovat taytla. Further, we make 10 phrases which we will dock to the name of goods at the left and 10 phrases which we will dock on the right. We bring all phrases to settings of plug-in: Thus, you receive 10 different options of various unique headings in title. Now the most interesting. How to distribute these options on the huge mass of products? The developer has decided to tie them to the last figure of id of goods. It will also be number of the necessary option. You automatically diversify with such adulterations taytla of headings at pages in cards of goods, t. to product id at us thing constant - that both tag and lt; title> at the page of goods will be constant. As all this works for example: after installation of expansion and registration of phrases & lt; title> will look so "To buy the audio system from tree the Column art.43onkts of the Audio photo and the price in Audiportal Online store"

EXPANSION is COMPATIBLE With Joomla 2.5 and Joomshopping 3, and also Joomla 3 and Joomshopping 4

& nbsp;

Installation of plug-in is made by standard mode through the manager расширентй after install plug-in, include it in the manager of plug-ins and enter phrases for admixture

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