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AntiBotSpam on responses in JoomShopping

Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Protection of responses against spam in JoomShopping

Modern definition approach spam boats is built in by of AntiBotSpam PRO this plug-in which is created on unique approach of definition of spam, other than Captcha. Decisions with Captcha where the idea to offer the user such task which with ease any sane visitor of the website, but which is not simple for solving to the boat quite can solve is used.

U us, in plug-in absolutely on another:

Spam filter which is built in this plug-in uses definition of actions which only the robot can make, and the person will not make. He does not require any solutions and nadoyedlivykhdeystviye absolutely not necessary to the person, it is not necessary to enter unclear letters and figures, it is not necessary to assemble pictures. This most important in our time where speed solves all! Naturally, as well as use of Captcha, use of it spam filter does not give 100% of guarantee of protection, however in comparison with protection against Captcha or RECaptha this filter of spam is one many more effective as possibilities of robots of spammers are limited, and probable actions can be counted and classified as spam with sufficient accuracy. Any капч it is not necessary to engage. Everything occurs in the hidden, not visible mode.

to you it is necessary for

For installation only through the manager of expansions, to choose the plug-in received from us and to carry out its installation through Joomla. Then in the manager of plug-ins as usual plug-in you need to activate it, if desired in it there are certain settings.

That needs to be known before ustanvoky:

the Version of PHP is not lower than

  • of
    5.3.10, and not higher than 5.6
  • of Joomla 2.5.10+ or
  • of JoomShopping 3.7+ or
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