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Authorization through social networks in JoomShopping

The plug-in is integration of the SLogin and JoomShopping component
Manufacturer: Joomshopping

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Authorization through social networks in JoomShopping

All at whom is online store, perfectly understand as it is heavy to keep the buyer and to bring it to final stage of sale - payment of the order. On each step there are difficulties which push away the buyer from the idea of purchase in your shop. This plug-in is designed to cover, one of the most difficult places in all chain is registration of the buyer. Rather large number of buyers having seen huge form of registration which they are offered to fill, give up purchase and leave, I do not wish to fill out all information about myself. As now almost all have accounts in this or that social network, this plug-in in one contact will help to minimize steps of registration and authorization in your online store on the basis of Joomla + Joomshopping.

If the user for the first time at you on the website, then all for couple of pressing he creates the account in your online store and will become authorized. After that it needs to fill the remained fields necessary for delivery and communication, process of creation of the user and authorization is finished. If the user not for the first time at you on the website, then it can easily become authorized one icon. Such mode of authorization has the advantages before standard:

  • should not remember the login and the password, all remember computers that will reduce the refusals connected with forgetfulness of clients
  • allows to become authorized in couple of clicks that very quickly, especially in our century of computer technologies
  • is raised by trust to your shop and perhaps even social activity

Plagin works with

only together with the SLogin component ( Social Login ) from version 1.3.1 above and only on the basis of JoomShopping shop. 

Installation we Recommend to do to


  1. website backup at any intervention (installation) of any component. Quickly, without going out of the admin panel it can make of Akeeba Backup Pro .
  2. Install
  3. and adjust the SLogin component and its plug-in of cross-section to full working capacity.
  4. Install 2 plug-ins according to the instruction bought from us through the fitter of Joomla, publish and adjust it.

the Plug-in is integration of the SLogin and JoomShopping component. It means that both of these components have to be ready and work.

Works as

at the Joomla 3.x version

Includes information about:

  • the Plug-in of conclusion of buttons of authorization on the page of registration. Plugin of authorization buttons v1.5
  • the Plug-in of creation of cross-section of the user in shop at registration through social networks. Profile creation plugin v1.5

Is compatible

to plug-in of cross-sections of SLogin.

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