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Button Yandex for Joomla Pro

Plug-in the widget of social buttons of Yandex allowing to remove with counters of likes
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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of JL Yandex Share PRO or social button Yandex for the website

Plagin the widget of social buttons of Yandex allowing to remove with counters of likes. This plug-in has made at numerous requests of joomline company from their clients who actively use Yandex metrics for tracking of efficiency of the websites. Are effectively integrated by Yandex of the button with Yandex metrics and give better understanding of social activity of your users. The main thing is beautiful and action social buttons.

In what differences of ustanvoka of usual script from Yandex of data the button? The plug-in of Yandex Share PRO supports:

  1. - the Materials Joomla
  2. - K2 component Materials
  3. - ZOO component Materials
  4. - the Component of announcements ADSmanager
  5. - Cards of goods of component of JoomShopping online store
  6. - Cards of goods of component of Virtuemart online store
  7. - Articles of component of blogs Easyblog

& nbsp;

enters Into archive:

- the plug-in (jlyasharepro)

  • - Plagin of integration of JoomShopping. (jlyashareprojshop)
  • - Plagin of integration into ADSmanager. yashareproads
  • - Plagin of integration with K2. ( jlyashareprok2)

of Feature of plug-in of JL Yandex Share PRO:

  • - It is compatible to Joomla 3, and also with Joomla 2.5.
  • - Support of the materials Joomla.
  • - is Supported by CCK K2.
  • - CCK ZOO Integration.
  • - Support of component of JoomShopping shop.
  • - Support of component of Virtuemart shop.
  • - Integration with Easyblog.
  • - Support of ADSmanager.
  • - Calculation of quantity of likes.
  • - Protection against the ban on social networks for price markup.
  • - Language support: Russian and English languages.
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