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Express creation of values of characteristics for JoomShopping

Manufacturer: Joomshopping

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the Express creation of values in characteristics for JoomShopping

Plagin for Joomshopping 4.x is created by

for convenience of administrators and managers of shop, allows to create new values of characteristics directly when editing goods that significantly saves time. We have tested this decision on Joomla 3.6.2 + JomShopping 4.14.3 and on Joomla 3.8.1 + JomShopping 4.16.3!

our version has no restrictions for number of domains.


  • Load plug-in through the manager of expansions
  • After installation open the manager of plug-ins, find there JoomShopping-WishBox express creation of values of characteristics plug-in, having opened it generate key and keep. without having forgotten to publish.
  • to
  • Now in goods - the haraketristik tab is available to you possibility of addition of new values

The Express Creation of Values in Characteristics for JoomShopping

Is created by

for those who saves the time, and allows to create new value in characteristics when editing the goods in Joomshopping. Earlier if you have not clogged the necessary data into characteristics it was required to pass into other section of settings, on the way of option - the characteristic of goods, to add there new values, then to return back to product again and only after that the goods could set the necessary harakteristka, then now, having installed this extension under the name "Express of Creation of Values of Characteristics" you can directly create new values in goods and just keep goods, without superfluous actions. Especially important ability for those who tolkor fills the shop, on any quantity of products.

If you had not had not one mode the addition express, then in characteristics create any parameter with the multiple list.

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