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JoomShopKit plug-in for JoomShopping

In plug-in of JoomShopKit are integrated and many expansions are considerably finished
Manufacturer: Joomshopping

Price: 299.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

JoomShopKit 2.3.8 plug-in for JoomShopping

of the Possibility of plug-in

1. Supports Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3

2. Supports ikonochny fonts Fontello , IcoMoon , Awesome and others.

are united by

In plug-in of JoomShopKit and such expansions as are considerably finished:

- "Jquery Zoom plug-in for joomshopping";

- plug-in "Attributes in the list of goods";

- plug-in "To ask question about goods";

- plug-in of conclusion of buttons +/-in the list, in card and in basket of goods;

- navigation plug-in on goods in goods card;

- plug-in of fast viewing of goods from the list of goods.


has added feature for creation of roundabout of images from their miniatures in card of goods.


has added feature for conclusion of modules in various positions of card of goods. And also conclusion of goods in card of goods from category to which the goods belong.

has added feature for replacement of standard lightbox on by Magnific Popup .


has Also added feature for automatic formation of printing forms of Russian Post (f.7 (facultatively), f.116, f.117) on the basis of data of the order.

Association of different expansions in one plug-in has allowed to lower load of the website due to reduction of number of the connected CSS and JS files.

Plagin supports by

3 languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English).

Sharing of plug-in and Responsive of template yields the best result .


Standard installation of Joomla (/administrator/index.php? option=com_installer).

Expansion has no binding to the domain and works at joomshopping 3.4.10 and joomla 3.6

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