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JoomShopping goods in letters of AcyMailing

Manufacturer: Joomshopping


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JoomShopping for AcyMailing

Plagin gives the chance to insert goods into mailing of letters from the AcyMailling component for JoomShopping

This plug-in allows to create automatic arrangement of goods on certain signs, for formation of mailing which will be is carried out by the AcyMailing component. This plug-in allows to insert products (on one or for choice to parameter from one or several categories) from JoomShopping in letters. You can also use this plug-in automatically to engage your again created (or changed) products in Auto-mailing. You can carry out search in all your products of JoomShopping, and then press one of products to include it in the mailing.

Expansion carries out opportunity to add products convenient mode and to set addition parameters.
such parameters as Exist:

  • to Add only new goods
  • to Add goods from sale (which goods have old price)
  • Addition of goods with tag
  • to Filter
  • On quantity of goods
  • Allows to combine and form sets of parameters of types of goods. (For example: 5 products from category of the Wheel or 7 new goods from category Disks )

of Feature:

  • At creation of the letter forms HTML and the text version
  • by
  • Plagin provides automatic addition of goods in mailing of the AcyMailling component
  • In Russian

For expansion use, the AcyMailing component which can be downloaded on the website of the developer or at us ( the professional version )
This expansion works as with any AcyMaiilng type, starting with the Starter version.

needs to install the Plug-in as usual expansion, through the manager of expansions of Joomla.

has no bindings to domain name and is established on unlimited number of domain names.
also JoomShopping 3.7+ or 4.2+

the Required version of PHP for installation from 5.3.10 to 5.6 + included in the bc-math

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