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Kapcha on responses for JoomShopping

The plug-in adds captcha for responses in shop on Joomshopping
Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 199.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

the Plug-in will be installed to you by Captcha antispam in responses

the Required Version of PHP from 5.3.10 and above

Plagin will provide to

your shop on Joomshopping with protection against spam in responses, it removes and checks validity of captcha when filling form at responses.

Pay attention:

- Kaptcha is removed only to not authorized users.

- Plagin has no built-in Captcha. It provides conclusion of that kapcha which is established by default in Joomla (/administrator/index.php? option=com_config)

- Expansion completely with open source code has also no bindings to domain name.


installs the extension of protection of responses against spam as usual plug-in of Joomla. Before installation it is required to unpack archive and in turn to install two extensions.

Then in the manager of plug-ins them needs to be included. It is also necessary to choose captcha by default in the list of available captcha of the Joomla settings (/administrator/index.php? option=com_config).


it is possible to Look at demo according to the reference in characteristics below.

In archive:

- kCaptcha plug-in

- plug-in of Captcha for review

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