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Maximenu CK for Joomshopping

Maximenu CK for Joomshopping for joomshopping
Manufacturer: Joomshopping

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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This patch allows to make by Maximenu CK for Joomshopping

the Maximenu CK module is compatible to component of electronic commerce under the name Joomshopping. Now you can automatically list all your published categories Joomshopping in pop-up menu within several seconds. As it works with


In the description of each category can add some parameters by means of the tag {MaxiMenu}. These tags will not appear on your website, thanks to plug-in included in package which cleans off all Params on the page.

of Function available in MaxiMenu with Joomshopping:


- the Animated dropping-out
lists - Multi-of the column
- the Name for the columns
- Specific width, HTML tags, the left field and the top field for each
column - the Description according to the references
- the Special icon can be used for each reference
- the Choice of root category
- the Maximum level, for displays

& nbsp;

Version 1.0.1 in archive though on the author's website upon purchase of 17.02.16 it is specified 1.0.3, but it not so. At the moment is the last

& nbsp;

the Package contains of MaxiMenu CK for Joomshopping :
- patch (the file for copying)
- Joomla plug-in! to hide tags of MaxiMenu
- documentation in English and French (25 pages)

the Example of use of MaxiMenu - Joomshopping

maximenu joomshopping

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