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MetaMan - steering of metadata in Joomla

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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MetaMan v1.0.8

the Modern SEO tool for steering of metadata in Joomla

Steering of metadata for each page can be tiresome if you have huge website. MetaMan makes work easier for you or your customers. We mean, almost without efforts, effectively and no problem! it have realized it in studio of stackideas.

control metaman

the Most powerful SEO tool for steering of metadata on your website. The main difference of this plug-in from the others is its full the robot from the front face of the website (Front-end), i.e. inspecting the website you always and without efforts you will be able to make changes necessary to you in page metadata without entrance to administrative part of the website and long search of article necessary to you or goods. The plug-in as a result saves huge amount of time at SEO of optimization of the website.

you are not engaged in

B in filling and optimization? Do you treat the marketing specialists kindly? Get expansion and they will be able to use the simple user interface, for editing that will significantly increase their working capacity. You will avoid hours-long search hundreds of pages on yours of the website Joomla. Steering of metadata for each page can be very tiresome and take away a lot of time. For this reason MetaMan is constructed!

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of MetaMan miracles, processing metadata with velocity of light. Unlike other plug-ins, MetaMan does not replace contents on the page which is output to Joomla. Replacement of codes on huge HTML to structure is heavy!

of MetaMan is very abrupt plug-in which allows you as it is easy for site administrator to change meta-tags, Facebook and Twitter Opengraph of site map on the website without efforts. It gives you idea to edit everything that will get to you approximately from meta on the website when viewing the page directly.


  1. Choose groups to which possibilities of editing meta-tags
  2. are available to
  3. the Control including configuration on editing
  4. to
  5. the Editor of the Facebook Opengraph tags
  6. to
  7. Steering of the Twitter Card tags


It Meta will be able to change data not only usual pages of Joomla, but also third-party. For example such as Virtuemart, Joomshopping, Community Builder, JomSocial and others

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