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Plug-in of Joomshopping Quick View Pro

Plug-in fast viewing + the order in one click for joomshopping
Manufacturer: Joomshopping

Price: 299.00 Руб.
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Quick View Plug-in - "fast viewing" will allow visitors of shop to look through full information on goods, without leaving the page of category and/or the producer, thereby will improve usability of your website and will increase convenience to visitors.

  1. Installation in one click
  2. does not demand Haque core of shop and changes of the Joomshopping templates
  3. Use of Ajax for loading of information on goods
  4. Effect of magnifying glass for the main image in "Fast viewing"
  5. the Slider of additional images
  6. of Ajax addition in the Basket and in the list of Desires
  7. does not clash with other modules and scripts
  8. by
  9. goods, with that number dependent
  10. Flexible setup of the displayed blocks in pop-up window

    Additional button" Fast order" of goods!

In our plug-in the open source code, is not present bindings to the domain and the hidden references! It is unique!

We have personally tested the given expansion on many versions of joomla + joomshopping,
including Joomla! 3.4.5 + JoomShopping 4.10.5, and of Joomla! 3.5.1 + JoomShopping 4.14 and Joomla! 3.6.4 + JoomShopping 4.15.0

& nbsp;

BugFix correction of mistake when sending form (J3.5.1)

- have added language constants for template of the letter of form, website language, in Ru and En package localization packages

- have corrected jambs of the developer!

- It is compatible to PHP7

Functionality of this plug-in works for that your visitors were converted into real clients!
"Fast viewing" unites in itself several separately taken expansions for online store or the catalog on Joomshopping, saves your time in installation and control. With its help, in 3 minutes after purchase of plug-in, your goods will appear before visitors absolutely in other image - more presentable look.

Detailed description:


of AJAX addition of goods in basket, the list of desires - function works directly in category when viewing the catalog of goods regardless of what module of basket you use; dependent and free attributes are maintained, addition in basket happens without reset of the page. After pressing of the Add to Cart button, it changes on another - "The goods are added to cart. To pass into basket" (if desired the text can be replaced), now the button conducts directly in basket where the client can finish execution of the order. If the visitor does not pass to registration and will decide to add goods of other configuration (will change the chosen attributes or necessary quantity), then the button will take the original form again in the same window - will suggest to buy goods with other chosen properties. Such clever button. The In the List of Wishes button works similarly. joomshop quick view

Support of dependent attributes and their photo - here are used by

the built-in opportunities of the Joomshopping component, you can add to each dependent attribute or group of attributes in goods the pictures, to quote the prices. In "Fast viewing", also as well as in goods card, your client will be able to switch attributes and to see all loaded pictures (the basic and additional photos) together with updating of the prices of them. It is very important for online stores of clothes where goods can have the different sizes, coloring and complete sets. We have provided full compatibility of this functionality.

Effect of increase in the image Zoom (magnifying glass) - if the specifics of your shop assume need to consider in details the picture of goods, then it is just irreplaceable tool for your clients! In general, completely replaces the lightbox and does not demand additional action from the client (click according to the image). The popular and checked script - Magic Zoom is used. There is only one restriction - pictures have to be enough the high quality and average or big sizes. You can engage or disconnect effects for photo at discretion in settings of plug-in.

the Slider of additional images (roundabout) - proceeding from the aforesaid, the main photo it is possible to zummirovat, and additional to scroll that significantly saves space in case you have more than 4-5 additional images on each goods. When aiming at additional photo, it replaces the basic in the block where the big picture is submitted, further this photo can also be increased by means of magnifying glass.

the Fast order is new functionality which has appeared in plug-in "Fast viewing" from the v2.0 version. Represents multiple-purpose form which can be called and used proceeding from specifics of sales/applications from your website. By default the form is called "The fast order", in settings of plug-in there is opportunity to change heading and to rename, say, in "To get advice", "To leave the application", "To ask question", etc. - it is very convenient both for online stores of goods, and for catalogs of production or offers of services! Applications are simply boundless. In the form of only 3 fields - the Name, Phone and the Comment. The letter (application) comes to e-mail specified in settings of plug-in and contains except data of the client also the reference to goods from where the application has been made. This form is rather well protected from spam boats therefore Captcha or other protection is not required.

Navigation - carries out transition to the previous or following window of fast viewing with detailed information on goods. All goods go in the same sequence as they are removed in category on the current page.

Fast viewing in the accompanying goods - now the plug-in works as

not only at pages of the catalog - in categories, producers, the list of goods, but also in card if you use the Accompanying goods.

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