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Relinking of goods in Joomshopping

Manufacturer: Joomshopping


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Perelinkovka of goods in Joomshopping

Internal optimization on the website always was and will be the most important factor for SEO of advance. And lately among search engines in general came to the leading place.

One of the basic rules in internal optimization is exact relinking of pages of the website. In shops on Joomshopping - relinking of goods will be as it is possible by the way.

of Feature and the characteristic after installation of this plug-in:

  1. Increase in static weight of the page
  2. the Accelerated indexation in search engines of other products
  3. Increase in viewings of pages due to simple navigation on goods

Plagin of relinking of products for Joomshopping has no binding to domain name and the coded code. All source code is open and has no licenses that means unlimited number of installations.

Difference from the free decision:

  1. Everything is in plug-in, it is necessary to write nothing to template.
  2. by
  3. output previews of pictures of goods.
  4. In settings can set quantity of both the previous, and following goods.
  5. the main difference - goods "around". I.e. if you watch the last goods - that at it will be shown to the following the first goods

Demonstration of work of plug-in can look according to the reference in characteristic tab.

installation Order:

Thanks to removed bindings to the domain step with input and obtaining the license is not required to be carried out by

any more.

Is established through the manager of expansions as usual plug-in. We find him in the manager of plug-ins and we engage, having exposed necessary quantity of the following/previous goods. We recommend 1 previous and 4 following. we Can show only those goods which have rest in warehouse.

Expansion will work as

both at Joomla 2.5 + Joomshopping 3.x, and at Joomla 3 + Joomshopping 4.x

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