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The order in one click for joomshopping

Plug-in for execution of the fast order for JoomShopping
Manufacturer: Joomshopping

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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Plug-in "the fast order" allows to issue quickly the order for goods in Joomshopping shops in "one cliques" with the choice of options of payment and delivery and also possibility of informing by the SMS by means of several services.

When pressing the button of quick purchase as in card and category opposite to goods opening of pop-up window of execution of the order where the buyer will be able to choose as delivery with payment happens, and to enter data. All fields of conclusion possibly not only to engage/disconnect, make everyone obligatory/optional, but also to edit names of this field, masks of phone and many other things.

Expansion has no licenses and keys, freely extends and has no bindings to the domain.

creates the full order in which everything that at the moment was in basket is included. To the administrator and the buyer regular letters leave, sending SMS to the buyer is possible. There is opportunity to create the points of pseudo-delivery and pseudo-payment.

with Korzin's

it is cleaned after the order automatically. It is also possible to turn on the Fast Order button in basket. At the same time everything that at the moment is in it is included in the order. It is possible to hide the regular Buy button. The plug-in uses jQuery. If on your website jQuery is not used - the fast order will load it. Protection against boats is realized.

the full letter as comes To mail at the usual order. If phone just in settings does not leave to fill the field enter mask by analogy +9 (999) 999-99-99

of Restriction! The new full-fledged buyer is not created - its data are only in the created order. Costs of delivery/payment do not miscalculate and there are no dependences between deliveries and payments.

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