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Tracking in Metrics Yandex for JoomShopping

Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Tracking of sales in Metrics Yandex for JoomShopping

This expansion is developed by

for the JoomShopping component and allows on the basis of electronic trading through Yandex the Metrics to monitor purchases. Thanks to this plug-in you will be able easily to monitor in Yandex to the Metrics any actions connected with trade

the Plug-in is installed as usual expansion through the Manager of expansions of Joomla.


After installation of plug-in, specify in settings of plug-in number of the counter from Yandex of the Metrics and the name of your shop. Include plug-in. Transmitted data in Yandex the Metrics:

  • of of detail - viewing of card of goods by the buyer
  • of add - addition of products basket - for example display what goods have been added to cart by the buyer
  • of remove - removal of products from basket by the buyer
  • of purchase - final information on transaction
  • of coupon - data about промо code - coupons Expansion for CMS Joomla versions 2.5 - 3 .xx and JoomShopping 3.xx - 4 . xx

    Expansion has no binding to domain name and has no restrictions. completely open source code.

    & nbsp;

    Ecommerce Tracking Yandex Metrika for JoomShopping

    All you need is, it to be registered in metrics Yandex (your website is more right), enter your domain into the second tab "The name of your store", and in

    of Yandex Metrika namber ID enter ID of your counter.

    metrika joomshopping

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