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YT Shortcode v3.0.0 - insert of elements in Joomla

Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 199.00 Руб.
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of YT Shortcode v 3.0.0 - insert of elements anywhere in Joomla

of YT Shortcode v 3.0.0 - the surprising tool with the fresh and clean model of the user interface which will help you to add easily additional charts, forms, charts, buttons, galleries and many other elements, any pages, without concerning any code.

More than 65+ of essential shortcod'ov are built in , you can create beautiful and difficult content, make your website unique and simple in steering.

Besides, by of YT Shortcode from smartaddons studio are supported by set of popular components, such as: K2, Content, Easyblog, VirtureMart, Hikashop, Joomshopping... even user HTML modules!

you can quickly choose by

any short-code for your content, having just pressed short-code the YT button. By means of this plug-in, at addition of secondary short-code (short-code in short-code) does not matter. You can unite 2 or more short-codes to receive the best result.

Besides, YT Shortcode maintains set of styles of elements and also provides additional properties: width, height, alignment. It allows the user to adjust any short-code flexibly. This plug-in can be used irrespective of UT Framework. It means that you can use it in any Joomla what template to you it is pleasant. Addition was never simpler. Add beautiful elements of styles on your website, and it does not demand any knowledge of coding.


  • of Support more than 65 + surprising short-codes
  • of Support of Joomla of Materials, K2 of component, Easyblog, Hikashop, Joomshopping, VirtueMart. . and user HTML modules
  • of Support of Font-Awesome 4.0.3
  • Support of RTL Languages
  • Support of modern adaptive design
  • Works as
  • at CSS3
  • Support of Bootstrap 2 and 3 Bootstrap
  • is Extremely simple
  • in use

set of short-codes

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