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Ajax Scroll - infinite skrolling

The plug-in of Ajax Scroll will provide ajax to content podgruzk on pages with pagination
Manufacturer: Joomla CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Ajax Scroll v1.5.2

as a result you gain effect of "infinite skrolling" for the website, on the example of VKontakte, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Can work as

  1. with any Joomla components, in the presence of references of pagination
  2. the Modern effect Uses AJAX technology
  3. as on large portals and social nets
  4. the Built-in navigation according to pages through anchor #
  5. of Avtoskrolling to the necessary page
  6. Opportunity to set restriction for loading

Plagin has turned out quite multiple-purpose - it can work both with native component of materials (com_content), and with other third-party components in which the native pagination of Joomla is used. It means that you can use "infinite skrolling" for example, in the blog of category where you have breakdown of materials on several pages and also in such components as Virtuemart, Joomshopping, etc. and to load Ajax your goods.

At the moment the plug-in of AJAX Scroll is tested by

and successfully works with the following components:

  • of of com_content - standard component of materials (the blog, news)
  • of Joomshopping - online store for Joomla
  • of Virtuemart - component of online store
  • of AdsManager - bulletin board component
  • of Zoo - the designer of content
  • K2 - the designer of content
  • of MijoShop - component of online store for Joomla on the basis of Opencart

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Attention! At the moment knows that the plug-in will not be able to work with Hikashop

the Principle of work of plug-in it is simple - when the user on your website scrolls the page up to the end, there will be podgruzka of content to the second, further to the third, etc. pages.

Usability of plug-in is that the plug-in conducts also the counter of pages, displays the current page through hash (anchor) - i.e. if your visitor has stopped somewhere in the middle of the list, when updating the page, there will be scrolling to the right place. Also the visitor can copy such link and share it with others - other users will also get to the necessary site on the page.

About search engines : for them everything will remain as before - usual pagination, it seems? start=24? start=48, etc. since, the plug-in just hides it for ordinary users, and it will be available to boats in the source code.

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Plugin Ajax Scroll-infinite skrolling for Joomla

For control of plug-in is required any debugger, for example Firebug . If you are not familiar with this tool yet, watch video - how to use Firebug .

On the picture at the left have specified settings for standard component of materials in Joomla 3.x on the Protostar template


  • of the container Selector - class or id of the block in which your component and all its elements is removed.
  • the material Selector - class of the block in which separately taken material is removed goods, etc.
  • the pagination Selector - class or id of the block which contains all elements of splitting the page has to be unique and only on the page.
  • the Selector following str-ets - class of the Forward button, has to be unique.

& nbsp;

It is critical parameters of plug-in, it is necessary to show consideration for this 4th field and to fill them correctly, otherwise the plug-in will not work.

In case is not present at the necessary blocks of the selector, to you it is necessary to add them in your template.

  • of the End of the list - the text notice about the termination of the list.
  • the Button - the text of the button for loading continuation.

  • the jQuery Version - if on your website is not connected by
  • jQuery library, then specify the necessary version, for example 1.8.1 here, and it will be connected with CDN Google. Pay attention, in this case the library will be connected on all pages of your website. If there are conflicts of libraries, then use plug-in JB Library .

& nbsp;

the Parameters added with new versions

the plg_ajax_scroll_v1.5.2 Updating

& nbsp;

the Button for manual mode "To load

still" and the text at the end of the list became multilingual. If your website has only one language, then you can enter names of the button and the text in fields when editing plug-in. If your website multilingual, then clean fields in plug-in parameters, constants from language files which you will be able to edit in the Manager of languages will be used then. By default, in plug-in only 2 languages - Russian and English.

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