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ANTIBOT PRO - protection at registration in JoomShopping

The add-on allows to limit as much as possible registration of boats, works in the hidden mode
Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 199.00 Руб.
Guarantee! Without viruses and hidden links!

of ANTIBOT PRO - protection at registration in JoomShopping

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the Add-on allows to limit to

as much as possible registration of boats, works in the hidden mode

& nbsp;

the Unique plug-in for JoomShopping by definition of spam from spam boats based on opposite approach of recognition of spam, other than the Captcha system (kapch). The solution of interaction is redefined with Captcha where the idea to offer the user such task which with ease the person, but which is practically not real for solving to the computer can solve in it spam filter is used definition of actions which the robot can make only is used, and the person will not make.

Than it is perspective to the reshena:

  • does not demand any additional efforts from the user and difficult tasks
  • does not need to enter unclear symbols into registration and are afraid of bad interaction with phones
  • does not need to assemble pictures as in google


to the client who wants to zaregitsrirovatsya at you maximum of time for acquaintance with goods and payment. also exclude the tiresome procedure of registration to it with guessing of kaptcha
It is natural, as well as use of Captcha, use of it spam filter does not give 100% of guarantee of protection, however in comparison with protection of Captcha this spam filter is much more effective as opportunities spam boats are limited, and probable actions can be counted and classified as spam with sufficient accuracy. Any капч it is not necessary to engage. Everything occurs in the silent hidden mode. The method is simple but checked within 3 years.

Expansion has no binding to domain names and works without restrictions, has licenses and no hidden references.

Installation and removal standard: installs plug-in as usual plug-in of Joomla. Then in the manager of plug-ins it needs to be included. Is removed through the manager of expansions - steering.

It is important that the installed extension approached according to system requirements:

of Version of PHP from 5.3.10 to 5.6
of of Joomla 2.5.10 and above, or 3.3.0 and above
of JoomShopping 3.7+ and above, or 4.2 and above
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