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Reminder on responses for JoomShopping

The plug-in for Joomshopping notifies that it is necessary to leave comment on goods and a lot of things still
Manufacturer: Joomshopping


Price: 199.00 Руб.
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of JoomShopping - Review Notify After Order

Practically each modern online store always does probe of satisfaction of the buyers and usual too.
to Receive feedback from the buyer, especially if he is happy with goods, always not just in t. to address you there is nothing. So for example if degree of satisfaction with product or not satisfactions has not extreme gravity.
Reviews of goods or shop usually write to "heat of passions" when the person as that wants to salt. For example, if the buyer was very pleased with service and/or your product. Or perhaps if it is extremely not happy as revenge to write negative response that do not tell, and here about good otzyvy (not custom) there is a wish will take care for trust raising to product.
it is possible to to install This plug-in on any websites without bindings to the domain and restrictions on code. Source code open. It is unique only at us!

Responses on JoomShopping shops have two key features which are equally important for shop:
receiving feedback about work of shop or goods and additional information for buyers who always look for opinions (real) on goods.

But what to do with those buyers, the transaction with whom has passed on neutral emotional background?
Here, for online store, only one opportunity to receive the return revktion, it to organize the napominatelny notice exists. I.e. having carried out mailing with reminder that the goods are recently acquired or it wants to be acquired ( that stimulates not only to receive comment, but also it is possible to sell ), and that the opinion of the buyer is important for shop. It will be especially useful to stimulate the client to seating of response, by granting some additional pleasant bonuses for it, for example by means of of bonus system .

Main advantages and abilities of plug-in:

to distribute to

  • the notices automated through wget (cron) at any time convenient for you;
  • to send
  • only to clients, with insert of the list of goods which they have bought and on which can leave comment.;
  • you can choose by
  • the status of the order which considers on what base and at what status to send the notice;
  • installation of time of delay of sending the letter, after the order (only in days);
  • the contents of letters are submitted to
  • in format of templates which it is easy to govern;
  • support of multilingualism ( sending the letter in language on which has been made the order )
  • has added web viewing ( the letter can be seen in the browser )


Updating :


  • has added refusal of subscription ( on receipt of letters of reminders )
  • have added collecting statistics ( sending, opening. it is possible to see in the order )
  • by
  • has added check if comments
  • have been already left
  • the reference for CRON ( needs to make corrections to cron record ) - the reference is specified in settings of plug-in .

Attention ! You should add entry in the handler of cron

Applying this expansion on JoomShopping you as caring for advance of the shop of people (company) you will be able to increase considerably the return свзяь with the client and also to lift the communicative relations to higher level.

of the Detail to settings of plug-in. The order at which the letter will go is required to specify the status and to leave days 0 if you wish to test. Then in kroner on your hosting to add the reference from settings of plug-in. (For example if at you-panel about that the team looks so - / usr/bin/wget - t 1-O - 'the reference from settings'

to Create the test order for the e-mail and to change its status on specified in plug-in (at us for example the status is COMPLETE)

the Letter comes approximately in 2-3 hours after time determined in krone there is delay at settings of plug-in not at once to notify the buyer

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