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Advanced Shipping by Rules - delivery by rules

Expanded delivery by rules for VirtueMart
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Advanced Shipping by Rules v5.7

Plagin of expanded rules and delivery terms of goods for the Virtuemart component, with use of mathematical formulas and equations.

Enter transportation costs with the general rules, including matematicheskiiya expressions. Very difficult rules, such as calculation delivery cost depending on quantity, the postal index, weight, quantity of products and/or products and coupon code) can be easily realized.

Determine by

even very difficult transportation costs according to the general conditions (even containing mathematical expressions). Costs of transportation can be depending on:

  • of Total amount of the order
  • of Gross weight of the order
  • the Number of articles or various products as it should be
  • the Volume or the minimum and maximum expansions of products
  • the Post code of the address of delivery (including alphanumeric postal indexes from Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands)
  • coupon code
  • the User definitions of variables

It "Expanded delivery by rules - Advanced Shipping by Rules v5.7" the plug-in includes any main arithmetic expressions (resolved operators + - *,/, %, ^, parentheses and functions, such as round, half, max., min., etc.) properties of the order in any conditions and cost of delivery. It is also possible to define the user variables which may contain close conditions (for example the index) to be reused in several rules. One more feature in the expanded version is support bukvenno - digital postal indexes (Great Britain, Canada, the Netherlands).
to Each zone of the country other tax rule can be appointed, and the cost of delivery can be set as amout with or without taxes. In both cases the amount of tax and corresponding net or gross expenses on delivery will be calculated correctly.

Each rule is described by

as simple line of the text with light structure (semicolon separate parts of the rule). For example:

 of Name=Free Shipping; 100< =Amount; 0 
Name=Domestic Small; (Weight< 3) OR (Articles == 1); shipping=6
Name=Domestic Standard; Amount< 100; Shipping=1.5*Weight

This set of rules describes three types of transportation costs: Orders of €100 and above - it is free, otherwise, if the order weighs less, than or only one product contains 3 kg, delivery of €6, all other orders cost €1,5 for kg.

Adding check on the discount coupon to the corresponding rule, it is also possible to create coupons with the special cost of delivery. For example

 of Name=Complex shipping function; articles> =2; amount< 100; shipping=5+amount*0.03+1*weight+0.5 * (articles-2): 
 the Advanced version allows to unite two "Domestic small" Internal lines in one, by means of the operator of OR.  
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