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Custom size for Virtuemart 2 and 3 - the choice of the size

The plug-in allows to choose the size (height, width, length) for shops on Virtuemart 2 and 3
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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of Custom size for Virtuemart 3 and Virtuemart 2 - the choice of the size

your clients can easily correct the price for products now, depending on the size which is necessary to them, now the buyer can choose goods on dimension, length, width, height, or material type.

Now you can sell to

the sizes at concrete products taking into account needs of the client (clothes, обуувь, carpets, floors, parquet, supply of metal, production of garden furniture, the window companies, proizvodva of fabric ) actually any product which includes the choice and change of the size - length, width, height, the area ( the list used for Custom Size plug-in infinite ). Custom SIZE plug-in and virtuemart 2 or version 3 calculates the correct price for the client, dynamically, depending on the size which is required. You can use the fixed standard price or use the price with choice options.

you can use the fixed goods price, and besides add the price for unit of time, or use the goods prices for unit. You can use also previously defined values displayed in the form of drop-down menus. Frontend the model also overwriteable (radio of the button instead of the dropping-out list, for example).

of Feature and advantage: </>

the Choice of product with necessary options

  • it is easy for strong to change
    • to the necessary sizes, by change - length, width, heights, the area
    • the Price is adjusted dynamically, based on your own requirements to the size order
    Custom SIZE is compatible from the version virtuemart 2.6 and virtuemart 3, and also Joomla 2.5 systems and 3.x
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