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Dropbox with image picker - Color to goods

Plug-in of addition of the choice of color to concrete goods on the basis of virtuemart 2 and VM 3
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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the Plug-in additions of the choice of color to concrete goods on the basis of Virtuemart 2 or Virtuemart 3

Plagin allows to change the main image of goods without reset of the page at the choice of color in goods card.
It is very simple plug-in for control of produktova of its options. Expansion is useful if you have products with large number of color options, and you want to show their images. Plug-in shows dropbox for each option and for each option you can establish images and layers which changes with the choice of option. So if we look at one example - T-Shirt of the producer - plug-in background sets (various t-shirts) and stickers. You need to add new customfield to product for each layer and elective type and image for it.
besides, the plug-in allows to impose additional images on the basic that in certain cases also can be useful.

Plagin on Russian language (only on Vm2) + any licenses (on all versions). Under the motto: "Has bought time - I establish and now!"


In the version of plug-in for Virtuemart 3 a few have a little changed syntax. Instead of symbol "|" it is necessary to use symbol "#" because of problems with the database. The old code can is simple to register they. The new syntax will look so

 white; white.jpg#cherny; black.jpg#zeleny; green.jpg 
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