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Order number plugin - Virtuemart 3 and 2

Plug-in of generation of order numbers and other settings for virtuemart 2 and 3
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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of Order number plugin - Virtuemart 3 and Virtuemart 2

Plagin of generation of order numbers and other settings for virtuemart 2 and virtuemart 3

Very easy, also the thought-over decision for your online store made on Virtuemart 3 and 2 is simple .

& nbsp;

Expansion allows to adjust beautifully your order, the invoice, the customer number and the password of the order.


Main characteristics of this module:

  • It is free to adjust order figures, the account figures, of service numbers and/or of order passwords according to your desire!
  • the Format of numbers is set by
  • as usual line which may contain huge number of variables (date/time, properties of the order, the address, and even casual figures or letters) + the counter plugin order number
  • the Adjusted counter is nullified by
  • , several parallel counters : the counter can be global (one counter for all orders or invoices) without dumping, or annual/monthly/daily counters, or there are even more general counters. You can even have several counters working at the same time (for example, one counter on each country, or various counters and thus in different order / invoice number for wholesale and retail buyers).
  • to
  • It is alternative, you can reuse the order number as the invoice number too (in some countries it can be problematic because the order of figures can have gaps!)
  • Formatting of the counter : in addition to numerical format, you can choose counter banners with zero plum of the party (for example, the counter 35 C the value can be displayed as 000035 numerical Format inside)
  • Manually to establish / to change counters in the configuration module
  • to Define your own the user variables for use in numerical formats (demands additional expansions).

Use of clean, professional numbering will give to your buyers confidence that they deal with professional shop that at you even the most tiny and important nuances are considered. It is difference between good and excellent shop. especially important it for new shops on Virtuemart 3. Instead of using chaotic order of figures and letters as 12b8c031 in the Virtuemart format by default. You will be able to use purely new scheme of numbering of the 2016-012 or inv-01/0001 type!. Even the most skilled webmaster having visited your website will be surprised.

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