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The downloaded goods for Virtuemart2

Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Plug-ins of digital goods for Virtuemart 2

For the Virtuemart 3 version it is possible to download official plug-in - !

by means of these Plug-ins you will be able to organize sale of digital goods through Virtuemart 2.0.x
Installation of plug-in for Virtuemart 2 + Joomla 2.5 through the manager of expansions the administrator. the joomla panels
we Choose by archive is pressed to Load and establish.
we Include plug-in in the manager of plug-ins. downloaded goods
Further we go Virtuemart-Tovary-Nastraivayemye fields and we create the additional field.
Plagin Is admissible to download we choose plug-in our Virtual goods and we specify the folder in which will be is stored ours archives, the folder should be created using FTP and to load there archives of Virtual goods.
we Keep and we pass into goods.
we Create our goods we insert pictures, the description and переходив into tab the Adjusted fields.
we Choose type of the field Download Plug-in (what we have created in the adjusted fields) we keep and after that we enter name of the archive loaded on the server for these virtual goods
we keep and our goods are ready. Now after payment when changing the status instead of the Add to Cart button there will be reference "Download the File", will be available to this pokupatet

When downloading big files (500 MB and more) often there are problems. In the plug-in there are no restrictions for the size, but the hosting or joomla can impose restrictions. The most common error - restriction of memory in settings of your php. Decides installation of the memory_limit parameter in the .htaccess file. For example: php_value memory_limit 512M

& nbsp;

of DigiToll of loading or Downloadable Products Solution for VM2 is professional solution for the loaded (virtual) products of VirtueMart 2 with totality of steering and functions. (the component is built in Virtuemart 2 I extends plug-ins from set)

the Minimum requirements: Downloadable Products Solution for VM2

- Joomla! 2.5.x
- VirtueMart 2.0.6
- PHP5

- Forcibly downloaded sections and validity period

- Goods of downloading through Amazon S3, on the local server, and др

- the Binding of loadings in attributes of basket and options

- Creation of several copies of the adjusted field DigiToll (to download for each product)

- Attachment of several loadings for each copy of the adjusted field DigiToll

- Attachment of free loadings for products which appear on detailed information on products

- Import from VirtueMart 1.x

- Import from VirtueMart 2.x (iStraxx Shipment for virtual products)

- To include loadings for the concrete states (is confirmed and are sent by default)

- Display of references to the downloaded goods and data on confirmation by e-mail and information on the order in the field of the account

- Control of loading of information on details of product and pages of accounts

- Completely to adjust information with use of template of redefinition

- Control: to download codes and texts for promotion and gifts

- Setup of the loader for immediate downloading files

- Dumping of files on the expiration of limit in administrations the order

are included In the Package:

- Plagin the Downloaded goods for Virtuemart2 - vitproduct (Russian)

- Downloadable Products Solution for VM2 (component and plug-ins) Russian (the instruction in English)

- the Spiral plug-in of digital tovarov - English

(It is not recommended to installation to all together) If one has not suited

- we recommend to use the second, and to remove the first.

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