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The post form for Virtuemart 3 and 2

The post form for Virtuemart 2 and 3 is excellent mode to automate the shop with printing forms at orders on forms
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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the Post form for Virtuemart 2 and 3

the shop with printing forms at orders on forms

is excellent mode to automate

to your attention plug-in with good functionality of formation of the Post form for Virtuemart 2 and Virtuemart 3.

Nobody loves Russian Post, but bulk the Internet of orders goes to buyers through it. Why? Because it is cheaper and more favorable. And if you have rather large volume of orders (namely shops always aspire to it) - there is question of automation of paperwork

Now such decision as plug-in the Post Form of the Russian Federation forming at the order is developed.

the Service is convenient and fast mode to fill out forms of Russian Post online. And the most important - service allows to form forms for online store in completely automatic mode through API. At service several various tariffs - from free to (at the moment) 9990 rub a month.

service has ready decisions for integration into various CMS. And here decisions for popular Joomla were not. Now is.

we Present to

plug-in for integration of the service into virtuemart 2 and virtuemart 3.

the Principle of installation usual and simple - we Use the remarkable service. We are registered, we receive key, we copy it in settings of plug-in. We enter data of the sender into settings. In total! At the same time we can use free tariff. But if you come more buns in the form and functions that will be able to podzhobrat for yourself tariff more optimum.

of Feature:

the plug-in is adapted by
  • under Joomla 3 (we have tested it on the joomla 3.5.1 version)
  • the form 112 and form 107
  • by
  • has no closed code and does not demand license keys
  • Installation and control can be established on unlimited number of domains


  1. After standard installation through the manager of expansions, and activation of plug-in in the manager of plug-ins, we will pass to the website pbrf. ru where to us should undergo free registration and to receive the login and the password
  2. we Will pass in the manager plug-in, and further into plug-in. In settings it is necessary to enter key which you receive after registration in in the Private Office and also the sender's requisites.
  3. In the list of orders we see the picture of Russian Post
  4. When pressing it we choose what form to you it is necessary to create for this buyer
  5. After click on the necessary form you open new tab with the PDF file with the filled form which it was necessary only to unpack the picture of mail in orders
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