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Aliexpress Dropship for Woocommerce

Manufacturer: Wordpress CMS

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Aliexpress Dropship for Woocommerce v1.1.2

This plug-in allows to import easily tracks or affiliated goods directly to your shop on WooCommerce and to ship them at once to clients or to sell according to affiliate links - all for couple of clicks. Any products, variations, updating of the prices, reviews of goods, different languages, change of headings and description, tag, category, filter of goods for import.

Expansion is acquired by

during the advertizing period, on it the plug-in is available to purchase with all functions without any restriction й. Pay attention that restrictions can be applied by the Seller later because of increase in load of its servers and purchases from it.

of Feature

  • Import any products from AliExpress - easily import products from to your shop at once.
  • goods Options - are offered by various options of your production, such as various sizes, colors, materials and many other things.
  • Control of product - edit the products at discretion: change names, descriptions, images, anything!
  • of Inventory and Price Auto-Updates - know that your stock and the prices are always relevant.
  • Automatically to carry out orders - your orders go directly to your clients for only several clicks.
  • pricing Automation - create rules of pricing and estimate the goods in large quantities.
  • Filter products by means of ePacket - with the ePacket filter import only products with the fastest time of delivery.
  • with
  • Reviews of products - attract the clients and encourage sales with possibility of import of responses on your website directly from AliExpress.
  • the Variant of translation - import of products and reviews in different languages of AliExpress
  • of AliExpress Affiliate & amp; Dropship - by means of this plug-in you can sell product as dropshiper or use partner key of AliExpress.
  • the Chrome Expansion - import of products during viewing to AliExpress with use of the free chrom expansion

This plug-in allows you to import easily Dropshipped (or the connected products) directly to your shop on the basis of woocommerce and to send them directly to your clients - for only several clicks. The surprising free Chrome expansion is available to import of products during viewing on Aliexpress. Do not forget to update it. The Chrome expansion is often updated, you can download it at this link. In settings there is filtration on Russian and other languages, currency (including to rubles).

Installation (there are two modes)

the Mode 1:

  1. Load the zip-file which you have received after purchase
  2. Installation through Wordpress> Panel администратора> Плагины> To Add новое> To Load the file
  3. Press "to Establish".
  4. to Activate plug-in

the Mode 2:

  1. Load the zip-file which you have received after purchase
  2. to Take zip-file contents
  3. Copy the taken address-autocomplete-gf folder in the folder//your-wordpress-installation/wp-content/plugins
  4. Activate plug-in on behalf of the administrator
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