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Yandex Money for WooCommerce

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Price: 99.00 Руб.
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Yandex Money for WooCommerce

Yandex Money Payment for WooCommerce

& nbsp;
Plagin allows to realize easily payment on your shop by means of service Yandex Money under your WooCommerce of shop .
Expansion will allow your buyers to get products and to pay with about the account of Yandex. Has been constructed on analogs from other systems.
Plagin for WooCommerce has Russian the interface .
the Yandex Dengi Interface works at Russian (.ru) or English languages (.com), depending on location of the user.

Process of work and control:
  1. to Install plug-in standard mode (plug-ins - to add new)
  2. Activate plug-in. </>
  3. Pass br with
  4. in WooCommerce, the section of control, Further in the Plaiyezhi point, execution of the order
  5. Choose " of Yandex Money"
  6. Note the button 'to Activate Yandex Money '
  7. Fill out all necessary information in in detail described fields
  8. Add URL on of where: first part your domain name and second part <href= " wc-api=WC_yandexmoney" rel= "nofollow">/? wc-api=WC_yandexmoney
For example, <href="? wc-api=WC_yandexmoney"> wc-api=WC_yandexmoney
setting up the return answer
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