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Badges on goods (BIT Virtuemart Product Badges) of vm2 and vm3

The action, novelty and t.p for shops on Virtuemart 2 and 3 allows to paste on pictures of goods badges with emblem
Manufacturer: Virtuemart

Price: 99.00 Руб.
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To draw the attention of your visitors on new, Recommended, goods at a discount or sales of products!

Can establish to

the admission of the separate products or all products specified in category.

This plug-in automatically adds badges (stickers), on products in your shop.

of Feature:

  • the Sign of new production
  • the Sign has presented production
  • to
  • the Badge goods at a discount
  • by
  • the Sign of hot products (topsellers)
  • Is familiar to 5 sets of products the specified product identifiers
  • Is familiar to 5 sets specified in category
  • to Use badges or your own images
  • by
  • Use of several badges (even for one product)
  • Options for seating of sticker

the Supported languages are included : English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Slovenian, Serbian

& nbsp;

For Virtuemart Plagin of conclusion of pictures "novelty", "discount", "hit of sales", etc. on images of goods. Works at unlimited number of domains. </>
Plagin BIT Virtuemart Product Badges is suitable br for shops on Virtuemart 2 and virtuemart 3, allows to output any pictures (novelty, discount, hit, etc.) on:
New goods. There is opportunity to specify during what time after creation or last editing the goods are considered new. After this term the picture automatically cleans up.
the Recommended goods.
Goods at a discount.
Leaders of sales. It is possible to specify the minimum quantity of sales after which the goods are considered the leader.
Any goods. Any picture can be output on any goods, it is enough specify through comma of them id.
Goods from certain category. It is possible to note all goods of any categories, it is enough to specify through comma of them id.2

the Detailed instruction.

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